Monday, March 10, 2014

Cloud Storages - Which is Best for You?

Since the beginning we all store our files in our local PC, but these days online storage services are popular option to get some extra storage in the cloud.

There are some advantages such as able to backup your files and access your files across many of your devices, there are some disadvantages too, like security breaches and ownership of your files.

Here I am going to give few online storage (cloud) options for your to choose, and I will let you give their plus and minus.

1. Dropbox - 2GB free

Dropbox is so easy and user-friendly cloud storage service. Setting up is also just few minutes process and very very easy to do. Biggest advantage is that it supports many platforms.


If you are new learner, Dropbox is just a way to go and you will master it in no time.

It provides 2GB of free space, but you can increase that for free by referring it to friends. It does have paid service $10/month for 100GB storage.

Visit Dropbox for more details

2. OneDrive (SkyDrive) - 7GB free

This is a could storage service from Microsoft and it is built right into Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, but you can also download it for Earlier version of Windows.


This is also available for all the platforms except Linux. The biggest advantage is that it comes with online version of Microsoft Office. When you create word or excel document inside OneDrive, you can also edit them in Office Web Apps, and Office Web Apps are far much better than Google Docs apps.

Where it fall short is when you don't have a Windows device such as PC or Windows Phone. Even though it does support other platforms, the functionality are much limited.

Check out OneDrive

2. Google Drive - 15GB

After the success of Dropbox, Google enter the arena with its own service which is backed up with Google Docs - complete free online office suite.


Google Drive gives massive 15GB free space for your files, and the best part is, of you have Google account or Gmail account, you already have Google Drive - just waiting for you to check it out.

One of the biggest advantage is, when you use Gmail, and the attachment gets bigger than 20 mega bytes, Gmail allows you to attach the file using Google Drive and send it.

Visit Google Drive

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